Evan Nabavian has your condo in his condo

Making a hit is unteachable and ever-elusive. As much as we deride cookie-cutter radio songs, it’s nigh impossible to divine an idea that can reach a mass audience, so it’s curious when someone like Cash Out does it. The Atlanta rapper has little to his name besides his catchy 2012 single. Hit-making is random enough that rap has a lot of artists whose careers begin and end with one record. Cash Out’s legacy was all but consigned to 2012 playlists.

But maybe Atlanta plays by different rules. Cash Out returns with “Let’s Get It”, a swaggering and aloof challenge to all of us who wrote him off. He and DJ Spinz abandon the formula of “Cashin Out” and trade effusive sing-song braggadocio for a serpentine flow over the sparsest of beats. Cash Out croons into the void about moving coke like a trap-borne Raekwon, his performance cracked enough to jar Young Thug devotees. Meanwhile, Spinz’ rising star doesn’t mean over-produced songs. There are 808s, hi-hats, a two-note melody, and a few other sounds laid stark against gaping silence. “Let’s Get It” shows Cash Out has the stamina to run with today’s coterie of young Atlanta rappers. What it lacks in chart performance, it makes up in parrying expectations.