July 3, 2014


Just like T.I., Evan Nabavian was born in the trap

The trap is easily the most rewarding source of rap music in 2014. Guys with names like Skippa The Flippa and Purp So Cold give no thought to restraint, convention, or bodily health as they howl and ululate over beats from some garish dystopia. A given mixtape by DJ Nobody will bear two or three certified hits and you’ll scour Internet backchannels to get them without “Mixtape Monopoly, hoe” drops. Their champion is a guy named Young Thug who sounds like he does the drugs that Danny Brown won’t touch. Today’s mind-bending hip-hop isn’t coming Stones Throw, it’s coming from Traps N Trunks. I made this mix to document this scene before it overdoses on its own shit. And because it’s finally summer. And because it’s the Fourth of July and I can think of no better way to celebrate the anniversary of the greatest juug of all time.

Zed Zilla – Alright (ft. Cap1)
MPA Shitro – Andre Iggy (ft. Swiff Marino)
Peewee Longway – 80s Crack
Tracy T – Champagne
Ca$h Out – Loyalty Over Everything
Ferrari Ferrell – They Know (ft. Tracy T)
Que – Money
Que – Jungle Fever
Bankroll Fresh – Hot Boy
Peewee Longway – Sneakin’ & Geekin’
Jose Guapo – Hustler (ft. Losie)
Spenzo – Wife Er
Snootie Wild – Stackin It Flippin It
Jose Guapo – Fishtail (ft. Offset)
DJ Victoriouz – Who Got The Molly (ft. E-Class Eppi, Boss Top)
Que – You Got It
KD Young Cocky – Bad Bitches
Zaytoven – Win (ft. Cassius Jay)
Skippa Da Flippa – Shooters Anthem

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