Max Bell once watched several Asher Roth videos in a row.  If you remember Earl’s introduction, you’ve always known — he was taught to take your rations and guzzle them. But time changes all rappers. The Asher Roth vids have buffered. The dust from the initial tornado-like Odd Future hype cycle has settled. Earl left the […]
Harold Stallworth has flats in other continents. Mobb Deep’s brief tenure with hip-hop’s evil empire G-Unit Records had few salvageable moments. But such moments certainly did occur. I’d like to think of “Shark” as the belated fruit of 50 Cent’s puppeteering, a remnant from that steep trough in the duo’s corrugated career arc. The Alchemist-produced […]
We’re now reaching the Legacy Act phase of hip hop’s age bracket, where men in their forties can trim their facial hair extra thin and comfortably tour off records from the pre-Giuliani days. Young forever. ’93 till infinity. Right now, a few models are emerging: remain current and fresh while performing decades of old hits […]
Alchemist is always moving several steps ahead. Whenever I interview him, there are least two future projects locked and loaded and ready for war. When I interviewed him for the Step Brothers album, the Chemist was already talking about his gospel record. He didn’t elaborate much and I didn’t ask specifics because sometimes you want […]
Brian Josephs will save his rioting for when Coke Boys 4 gets snubbed next year. You’re not about anything if you’re not saying something in hip-hop. It’s one of the only genres — with its beginnings as the “CNN of the ghetto,” the voice of the voiceless, and such — where artists have a perceived […]
Harold Stallworth is like the hip-hop version of Nicky Tarantino. Roc Marciano’s guest features can be unremarkable. His style is a bit too esoteric to gel with D-list underground acts. Even most of his collaborations with like-minded up-and-comer Action Bronson have suffered from a somewhat reluctant chemistry, like haphazardly splicing scenes from The Mack and […]
Harold Stallworth would rather be rich than famous. As much as I enjoyed contributing to several 2013 year-end lists, blurb-season admittedly took a massive toll on my desire to write about music. But after a two-week hiatus, I’m ready to make up for lost time. Here’s a few notable rap songs I neglected to share […]
Boldy James, Nickname Moochie November 13, 2013
“Call my nine Nina and my glock E-40 and the Click.” Boldy James got last month’s Hip Hop quotable whether you were aware of it or not. The obvious reference point is Big L’s “Ebonics,” but I also endorse Rafael Casal’s Bay Area slang song. In 2013, there’s Moochie, nicknaming everything. I want Boldy to […]
Max Bell murdered Jar-Bar Binks.  There isn’t one Star Wars reference on Roc Marciano’s The Pimpire Strikes Back. It’s not a blatant disregard for source material so much as it is honest and telling revisionism. In other words, a young Marciano probably wasn’t rushing off to see George Lucas’ The Empire Strikes Back. Instead, he […]
This is written by the man branded MobbDeen, so you should already know. Here are a few universal truths: death, taxes and the Alchemist being responsible for one of my favorite rap releases of any given year. Since 2007, the Alchemist has been responsible for critical favorites such as Prodigy’s ‘Return of the Mac (aka, […]
By Deen