The_Albatross_about_my_Neck_was_Hung_by_William_StrangChester Watson, the 16-year old samurai sword swinging, albatross slayer and lo mein connoisseur decapitates another track. I previously compared the bird and word murdering navigator to Yasel Puig, but Chester knows the right bases to throw. If there was a low-key part of Odd Future’s influence, it’s that Earl helped make writing smart lyrics cool. Even Tyler will tell anyone who listens that he’s smarter than them, which he probably is.

Chester’s sublimated the idea into his style, complete with Coleridge and Seinfeld references, Greek Goddesses and grilled cheese sandwiches, a vocabulary that will soon br bigger than the DOOM that ate the Ritz cracker (a bonus track on MMM…Food.) He’s calling rappers frail dunces and rhyming it with stale blunts. A precocious super-villain with the potential to duck every demon and never miss the cut-off man.

“Dead Albatross” comes from the new Heartsick EP from Psymun, a 21-year old Minnesota, who is rapidly becoming one of the best young instrumental beat music producers to watch. There is a Pharoahe Monch song title that also explains this. I believe. In the meantime, everything you need but the blunt, is below.