September 3, 2013


Jay Z, no umlaut, no hyphen, will be insanely jealous should he ever stumble across “PicBascassquiato,” even if he’s not even into the Internet like that. 16-year old, Chester Watson (rap game, Yasel Puig) delivers the new portmanteau of Sean C’s favorites. I dunno if Mark Rothko is in here too, but I’ll give Chester the benefit of the beat.

This is a sleepy-eyed staccato, minute and a half jag that ends too soon. The kid already understands that leaving them wanting more is a good idea, provided you actually give them more (no Jay Elect). Watson’s Tin Wooki was supposed to come out over the weekend, but we’re still waiting. He probably had some school business to attend to. It must be weird getting praise for your music and then having to hear some idiot teacher blather about cellular meiosis. Psymun made the beat for this and gets an A-. There’s also a beat that Watson collaborated on, under the name Watsono (with Kanisono), that I’m posting under the jump because it is a blog.

I’m still waiting for the supergroup between him, Blu, Earl, and Zeroh.

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