Those patiently waiting on Four Tet’s first proper LP in a half-decade (Jan. 26th) should be temporarily sated with the mix that Kieran Hebden handed out as a parting gift at the conclusion of his year-long residency at London’s Plastic People nightclub. No tracklist has yet surfaced, but offhand, the mix spans everything from his massive new single “Love Cry” and last year’s Burial collabo “Moth,” to beautifully refractory free jazz and Congolese soukous music. It’s all over the place but never uneven, an alternately melancholy and upbeat mix that should make for an ideal soundtrack to the drudgery of the first day back. On a tangentially related note, so does this video. If I ever become dictator of a third-tier Caribbean islet, “1st of the Month” will be mandatory listening on the first Monday morning of every month at 8:34 a.m. We will be an economic powerhouse in no time. It worked for Cleveland.

Below the jump, streams of “Love Cry” and its Joy Orbison remix.

ZIP: Four Tet – Much Love to the Plastic People  (Left-Click)

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