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Jonah Bromwich is a contributor to The New York Times, The Village Voice and Pitchfork, amongst other outlets. He tries not to write about things he knows nothing about.

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Jonah Bromwich aligns new releases from Rihanna, and AMTHST—a collaboration between Nite Jewel and Droop-E.
An examination of nostalgia, revivalism, and rapping for the sake of rapping.
Jonah Bromwich thinks your mother is an astronaut Bowie, Floyd, and Herbie Hancock. French electronic prog, Daft Punk and Marvin Gaye. It’s a cool stew of influences that powers Captain Supernova’s just-released “The Captain’s Theme.” The Captain has been active on Soundcloud for a little over half a year, but for the most part has […]
Jonah Bromwich’s DJ name is Pepsi Kona Killa Saint Pepsi’s Gin City is one of my favorite releases of the year, a post-Girl Talk, electronic pop party that resembles what might happen if the entirety of Night Ripper were remixed by Ryan Hemsworth. Since the tape was released in February, I’ve checked semi-religiously for the […]
Jonah Bromwich wants to fly with pelicans from here to Baghdad “Rather than narrativize history and culture, the rhizome presents history and culture as a map or wide array of attractions and influences with no specific origin or genesis, for a rhizome has no beginning or end.“ –Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari You couldn’t find […]
Jonah Bromwich has a 40 ounce with quinoa and hemp for breakfast Chester Watson’s got a new pay-what-you-like release on his bandcamp page called my girlfriend made me drop this, which had me imagining some stoned-out, space-alien-eating-R.-Kelly-and-wearing-his-skin-instrumentals. While that’s not quite the case here—these are rap beats proper—Chester has softened his sound a mite, from […]
Jonah Bromwich is just super-boring, you guys. Stones Throw trio The Stepkids have the kind of formal musical chops that you’d expect from session players who spent years touring with big-name acts, including Lauryn Hill and Alicia Keys. But formidable musical technique doesn’t always translate into songs with the energy and charisma you’d like to […]
 Jonah Bromwich got a paper cut while writing this. Go ahead, mourn the loss of collective DIY spaces like 285 Kent and Industry City. Indeed, the shuttering of these spaces and communities underscores the more ominous creep of gentrification, a problem so serious that even major city governments are beginning to acknowledge it. But we should also celebrate those spaces we […]
Jonah Bromwich is a minivan veteran. “As a kid, all I wanted was to kill a man.  Cuz my daddy did it.” The inverse of the Odd Future pillars, Tyler the Creator and Earl Sweatshirt, many of Vince Staples’ problems come from a close relationship with his father. That’s the irony explored on “Nate,” a […]
Jonah Bromwich admits that, regrettably, yes, that is his cowboy hat. “What is this shit?” sneered Greil Marcus in the pages of Rolling Stone, reacting to Bob Dylan’s 1970 record Self-Portrait, an album that Dylan had made to deliberately alienate his increasingly cult-like block of fans. During the SP sessions, Dylan threw every idea he had at the […]
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