Cory Lomberg
Cory Lomberg speaks to the author and critic about her new book, her personal remembrances of Chicago, and the reward of evaluating writing from your younger self.
Cory Lomberg takes a look at "Need To Feel Your Love," the excellent new single from Sheer Mag.
Cory Lomberg takes a look at Marie Davidson's revolutionary approach to vocal performance.
Cory Lomberg speaks with Alanna McArdle about her days in Joanna Gruesome, poetry, and the unsuspecting cruelty of nature documentaries.
Cory Lomberg breaks down the seven Julee Cruise songs you need to hear but probably haven't.
Cory Lomberg speaks with Vince Staples about living in the ocean, video games, and America.
Cory Lomberg and Sudan Archives talk about music theory, working with Stones Throw, and covering songs by other artists.
Cory Lomberg examines Emily Reo's development from her 2013 cover of Built to Spill's "Car," to her latest single, "Spell."
Cory Lomberg talks to Rogelio Hernandez and Johan Ludisaca of East Second, who have been curating some of LA's most inclusive DIY-Punk shows.
Cory Lomberg talks with Nite Jewel about her new album, controlling her own music, and collaborating with other artists.
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