by Jonathan Bradley If the thug love song has a bad reputation, it’s because it deserves it. This rap micro-genre is responsible for some of the most treacly, dishonest and altogether unnecessary pop hits of the past few decades. “What,” you might reasonably be thinking upon hearing one of these, “is my favorite rapper doing […]
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Many moons ago, there was this. Then there was this. Now Jonathan Bradley looks back at what many believe is the best Lil Wayne album. As Cheech Marin said upon witnessing the rising of the Titanic in in Ghostbusters II: better late than never. At the bottom of the bayou, rising up from the mud […]
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Summer’s a mess, this year more than ever. Not only do we have to cope with the usual mix of baking heat, overexcited crowds and a seemingly never-ending run of bad television, the warm months of 2009 come packaged with a recession swamping the globe, a Swine flu pandemic and Dick Cheney hanging around like […]
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