Michael McKinney
Michael McKinney speaks to the duo behind one of the finest NYC clubs Nowadays, about the parties and DJs that opened their curiosity to the underground, building a community and much more.
Michael McKinney highlights some of the best DJ sets from the first month of 2024 – featuring CCL, DJ Swisha, Objekt and more.
Michael McKinney speaks to the German electronic music pioneer about how his latest album Silencio explores the history of Italian opera, listening to music in three dimensions, and more.
Michael McKinney speaks to the Seattle-based DJ about contributing to their own SoundCloud streams, the distinction between "dance" and "dance music", the effects of being given their first trance CD mix by their brother at 11 and more.
Michael McKinney rounds up the best sets of the past year – featuring the most vital club music from NY, the best latin club via Miami, Brazil and beyond, blissed out sets via NTS, Tarotplane & others and more.
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An Interview With Matmos December 19, 2023
Michael McKinney speaks to the experimental/electronic duo about the importance of albums as works of art, creating complete albums out of a washing machine and plastic, the difference between music and noise, and more.
In honor of the 10 year anniversary of the late DJ Rashad's influential footwork album Double Cup, Michael McKinney speaks to his close collaborator DJ Spinn about pushing the genre to mainstream attention, where he sees the album's influence popping up today and more.
Michael McKinney delivers the latest edition of Slam on the CDJ, highlighting the best DJ sets of the past month from James Holden, Laksa, Objekt and more.
An Interview With DJ Wawa December 6, 2023
Michael McKinney speaks to the Brooklyn-based DJ about their winding journey through the music industry, connecting with the Brooklyn dance scene, developing a different way of viewing music through using vinyl and more.