Mike Giegerich
Mike Giegerich speaks to the vocalist/multi-instrumentalist about the intimate writing across her new album Peacemaker, its expansive dreamlike scope, all of her songs holding many different emotions and more.
Mike Giegerich speaks to the founders of the post-punk band about how they're keeping late member Eddie Wuebben's memory alive through their latest record Push, always maintaining self-sufficiency, the effects of recording music in various spaces and more.
Mike Giegerich connects with Micaela Tobin to talk about opera performance, pursuing experimental noise, Filipino legends and mythology and much more.
At the intersection of artists like Lil B, RIFF RAFF, Kitty Pryde, A$AP Rocky and their rejection of established conventions was a common denominator: beautiful lou.
Drippin So Pretty's fascination about life after death isn't a morose reflection but one that’s natural for someone whose life has been interspersed with repeated tragedy.