Yousef Srour
Bay Area Type Beat: 707.4 November 17, 2022
Yousef Srour's Bay Area Type Beat is back with another installment featuring new music from 1100 Himself x PayQTheLoot, GB, Toohda Band$ and more.
Yousef Srour talks to the Jersey club rap pioneer on the discipline he learned from boxing, Drake hopping on the sound, finding his footing on TikTok vs. the real world and more.
Bay Area Type Beat: 707.3 October 25, 2022
Yousef Srour's Bay Area Type Beat returns this week with new tracks from EBK Osama, Marjorie -W.C. Sinclair, DB.Boutabag and more.
Bay Area Type Beat: 707.2 October 5, 2022
Yousef Srour's Bay Area Type Beat returns with new finds from LaRussell, Trifln', Smerkish Jay and more.
Bay Area Type Beat: 707.1 September 21, 2022
Yousef Srour debuts his new column, BAY AREA TYPE BEAT, where he'll shed light on five Bay Area tracks each week - featuring EBK Young Joc, Michael Sneed, DaBoii and more this week.
Yousef Srour examines the splitting of Lil Ugly Mane the artist with Travis Miller, the human, and how he had to let go of his past in order to save himself.
Yousef Srour speaks to Young Slo-Be about growing up in Stockton, his relationships with Bris and Drakeo the Ruler, finding his flow and more.
The tribute project to one of Arabic pop's most influential artists highlights his impact on Egypt and its music, Yousef Srour writes.
They may not be related by blood, but Oakland's own 1100 Himself and Mitchell promise you that their music is a family affair.
A Chester Watson beat is the musical equivalent of leaping through a zero-gravity vacuum. Yousef Srour breaks down his ten essentials songs.