Jonah Bromwich knows how to D-Town Boogie. There are cosmetic similarities between Outkast and the Dallas duo A.Dd+ but, as the latter’s excellent new mixtape DiveHiFlyLow: Every Man is King shows, A.Dd+ don’t need facile comparisons to bait new listeners. Within the span of two great projects, (their last one, When Pigs Fly, was one […]
ADd+, Audio Day Dreamers November 15, 2013
The A.Dd+ boys back at it again, with the woozy stumbling-in-the-kitchen “Audio Day Dream.” Ideal for the opiate junkie in your life, but also germane to anyone into inspirational anthems with ample swing. This is apparently taken from DiveHiLo, which drops next week. I thought it had been out for four months, but only the […]
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The ADD+ boys still riding, still smoking, still sipping on E&J still showcasing excellent chemistry. Give me a song that uses the word “salutations” and a video with a vintage Mercedes, and you will always win. Maybe. Their new mixtape DiveHiFlyLodrops on the 26th. If you didn’t check their last record, time remains. Video and […]
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ADD+ – “Getting Far” August 30, 2011
Between K.R.I.T., Spitta, and ADD+, the Atliens revival is in full effect. Between Danny Brown, Kendrick, and ADD+, so is the Adderall renaissance. It took long enough. “Bombs Over Baghdad” was never the side of ‘Kast that anyone could have legitimately have pulled from. Also, Adderall is a hell of a drug. There are distractions […]