Because it is unofficial tribute week to deceased Big rappers. Because this is all part of my ongoing cultural war to not let Big Sean call himself B-I-G. Here, we have the late great Harlem rapper, Big Lamont in dialogue with Ed Lover and the other Dr. Dre.  Yo! MTV Raps. 1995. The man with […]
No rarities, just jams. Hot 97’s Mister Cee, the master of the tribute mix, drops a 22-minute burner in memory of Big Lamont, the former Child of the Corn, who went Moonlight Graham a dozen years ago today. The standard line always held that at the time of his death, L was poised for mainstream […]
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So ahead of its time, its parents haven’t met yet. The long mythologized, nine and a half minute long freestyle on Stretch and Bobbito was just excavated Chilean-style, courtesy of the DJ Premier blog. Jay-Z and Big L in 1995, going in over the “Keep it Real” instrumental — better known now as the beat […]
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