Colin Small lives in a permanent 10 p.m. Jai Paul, the UK’s most internet-famous bedroom project, has officially released two songs since his debut six years ago. We may not know anything about the guy other than that he has a luscious fauxhawk, but we can surmise from his sparse output that he’s most likely […]
Colin Small is ballin’ like an asterisk. A man hasn’t been on the moon since 1972, but recently a few notable rappers have been spending a lot of well documented time somewhere far from earth’s gravitational pull: Lil Wayne is a martian, Lil B is also a martian, Future is on Pluto and so on. […]
Colin Small is the Google Boss. The weirdest thing about internet shitstorms is that we all know they’re shitstorms and yet we actively involve ourselves, either as righteous participants or entranced observers. No matter how much we want to forget about the “Harlem Shake” meme or the whiney backlash of two weeks ago, we don’t […]