The penultimate edition of Son Raw's retrospective review series is a three-album installment, weaving together the impact of 'Voodoo,' 'Like Water for Chocolate,' and 'Mama's Gun.'
Abe Beame grapples with supply and demand and $15 drinks to see the greatest soul performer of a generation.
Abe Beame is contemplating a 14 year break if only he can return with something like D'Angelo's new single "Sugah Daddy"
Dan Adu-Gyamfi ([email protected]) is rivaling Abe Beame for semi-anonymity. Last month, engineer Russell “The Dragon” Elevado made a YouTube account and posted three cryptic videos of him in the studio with soul music unicorn, D’Angelo. January 25 marked 14 years since his magnum opus Voodoo and fans have been anxiously anticipating a follow up ever […]
So you wanted to hear D’Angelo and ?uestlove do a 70 minute set featuring originals and covers of Funkadelic, Bobby Womack, Prince, Sly Stone and Curtis Mayfield songs? Naturally. Thanks to FWMJ and someone in the audience who cares about the children (and making more of them), a version has surfaced of the pair’s Brooklyn […]
Should you attempt to do a Google Image search of D’ Angelo, you will come across two types of pictures: shirtless and shredded or morbidly obese and hirsute. There is no in-between. Then I stumble across this shot, taken from his recent gig in Paris. The blog Funk It somehow managed to wrangle fairly high […]
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