Peter Holslin subsists entirely on decaf and Halloween candy. One of these days somebody needs to put together a Venn diagram outlining the similarities between doom metal and psychedelic soul. From a superficial standpoint these two genres seem completely different, but there’s a lot more overlap than you might expect. They both have roots in […]
Have you ever seen Charles Bradley sing? You probably need to. I’ve seen no less than three people randomly weep from the passion, anguish, and raw emotion he sweats out on-stage. Don’t mistake it for some emo outpouring either. Charles Bradley sings from a place most of us can’t process. Just look at his face […]
Aaron Frank dreams of electric beats. 62 years young, Brooklyn-based soul man Charles Bradley just released his debut album last month on Daptone Records. Several years ago, label co-founder Gabriel Roth plucked Bradley from relative obscurity after seeing him covering James Brown songs in a New York nightclub. Subsequently pairing him with him producer and […]
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