Max Bell Shynes on. Detroit-bred Quelle Chris has been making music for a long time. He has Bandcamp tracks – rap, rock, and otherwise – from nearly a decade ago. He worked with Roc Marciano and Danny Brown (see Shotgun & Sleek Rifle) before you knew they were going to be two of your favorite […]
Hip Hop media and fans often struggle to embrace artists that exist outside of a particular crew or metropolitan scene. Odd Future, Black Hippy, and the post-Project Blowed rappers have little in common, but everyone nods their head to acknowledge that LA has the rap game on lock. Geography trumps reality when trend pieces are […]
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Aaron Matthews is coming for you, David Gregory. Following Jeff’s comprehensive talk with Motown’s golden boy, what follows is an interview with some of the producers responsible for The Hybrid’s cohesive sound. Denmark Vessey and Quelle (formerly of Wasted Youth) comprise the Chicago/Detroit group Crown Nation, and along with Quelle’s little brother Mosel, are collectively […]
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