At the Speeds of Life May 17, 2022
Both DJ Screw and J Dilla biographies make the persuasive argument that the work of each producer was a combination of specific, unique genius, and of insight derived from their cities.
"DJ Screw’s sound reverberated in his home city and beyond, entering the mainstream when fresh new voices would rush onto the charts carrying his style in their music," writes Lance Scott Walker.
Go see "Don't Screw Up: A Screw Retrospective," this Friday night at LA's Handbag Factory. Ft. Lil Keke, William Hutson of clipping & More.
With almost 300 chapters in DJ Screws discography, Torii MacAdams highlights one of the most essential.
Dear Music Journos, I know it’s tempting to use the 10th anniversary of DJ Screw’s death to write puff pieces about Witch-House/Drag/whatever music. Please resist the urge.  If you’re going to big up Screw, by all means, go ahead and do so: find the rappers he worked with, examine his releases, hell postulate on his […]
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