Was Ruthless Records secretly the strangest rap label ever?
On the 20th Anniversary of his death, a look at why the NWA Founder's legacy lives on.
A very rare YouTube upload of Eazy E's legendary Ruthless Radio Show featuring an interview with Roger Troutman and a screaming fight with Daz.
Eazy E on the Arsenio Hall show at the height of his beef with Dre and Death Row. He is wearing a bath robe. This has made the rounds on the Internet many times over, but it came up in conversation with a friend a few days ago. Hence, I am re-posting one of the […]
Despite his Snapple-sized stature, it’s doubtful that another rapper has come along in the last 16 years, who was capable of inspiring the sort of terror that Eric Wright inflicted. The video for “Only If U Want It” wasn’t Eazy at his most menacing. For my loc’s, watch, and Compton hat, that would be “Real […]
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