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Brown “borrowed” Ocean’s “Stoic Panther” look for a recent Essence photo shoot. Ocean was mad that Brown DARED QUESTION HIS TRENDSETTING FOR THE WAY HE FOLDS HIS BANDANNA. Rihanna. It was filmed as part of a sequel to Stomp the Yard. Chris Brown parked in the wrong parking spot at the wrong time.
Jonah Bromwich once confessed to chopping down an orange tree. Everyone really wants Channel Orange to be a great album and that includes me. I’m a sucker for stories just like everyone else. I like the way that Frank Ocean opened up about his sexuality, I like the way it’s been received and I like […]
Slava P is just saying that this album has a John Mayer guest spot. Start Playstation noises. All “classic” albums begin with a short intro. Thinking About You Same vocals, third mix. Callow, endearing lyrics. But over-produced. Fertilizer Flipping through channels, a commercial for shit. Or, a love song. Or both. Sierra Leone Sleepy and […]