Douglas Martin has friends in lo-fi places. If indie rock were graded on a curve, Frankie Rose would be the 4.0 student getting irritated because everyone else was benefiting from her hard work. Her credentials are listed in full every time she puts out any new music: She’s a founding member of Vivian Girls and […]
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POSTED IN Douglas Martin is also an aficionado of the other “Candy.” The music videos that are etch themselves into our brains are the ones with the most original ideas. We got goosebumps when the sidewalk lit up under Michael Jackson’s feet in “Thriller.” The Beastie Boys starring in their very own pulp crime drama kept […]
Given the alarmingly high turnover rate of Vivian Girls drummers, Douglas Martin will make the band’s roster in no time. Even if you merely have a passing interest in the music I write about, chances are you’ve heard the name Frankie Rose. Prior to relocating to New York, she played in San Francisco band Shitstorm […]
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