I typically avoid posting on the same artist in consecutive weeks, but if Koushik is going to insist on giving away his entire catalog for free he’s forcing my hand.  After one-upping the bootleggers by offering up his Bleep Tape for free download, he’s now insisting on offering the instrumentals from last year’s excellent Out […]
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Koushik-Beep Tape September 15, 2009
Last year, I was one of eight people obsessed with Koushik’s excellent Out My Window, an ethereal and pretty pairing of post-Dilla beats with 60s AM psych-pop. Sounds good, right. Where were you people, on dope? Now the Canadian-born, Vermont-based Stones Throw-signed beatmaker is back with the all-instrumental Beep Tape–30 songs, offered for free download […]
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