Thomas Hobbs speaks with the Diggin' in the Crates member about his excellent debut solo album, 25 years and change later.
Harold Stallworth is a grown ass man.  O.C.’s collaborative EP with Ray West, Ray’s Café, qualifies as what the Passion of the Weiss staff affectionately calls “grown man rap.” In fact, it’s so grown-up that the Red Apples 45’s creative art director took care to spell it with a tilde. G.M.R. means a lot of different […]
O.C.may never receive the proper dues he’s long deserved. The BK rapper, one-time Crooklyn Dodger and D.I.T.C. representative became an underground legend due to his carefully crafted verses and thoughtful storytelling. His 6th album “Trophies,” produced entirely by Detroit beatmaker Apollo Brown, dropped in May; it was his first solo album in six years and […]
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