TE P. speaks to the Detroit rap legend about the legacy of his hometown, the subjectivity of success, and the power of brotherhood.
A round-up of the responses from the Passion of the Weiss Masonic Message Board where we plot to make Steve Guttenberg and Steve Arrington a star: “This is some Bazooka Joe shit.” “Fire. These two just have chemistry in the studio.”” “Is it now safe for us to say that after Guru and the Holy […]
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Sach continues to ride for the battle-rap porn that was the Slaughterhouse album. Personally, I found the enterprise half-baked. Joell, Crooked, Royce and Buddens are obviously gifted rappers, but they’re four solo artists who never understood how to come together as one. The lesson gleaned was that four hot 16’s doesn’t always make a good […]
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