Douglas Martin is to garage rock what water is to rave-ups. Start with the name. Sic Alps. “Sic” could mean “ill” as in “cool.”  But it can also just be improper spelling. Maybe that makes more sense considering they take 60s garage-rock and guitar-pop songs and intentionally disfigure them. Their instruments sounding like poorly functioning […]
An American Flag. A drum kit laden with flowers. A blurry lens. A scarecrow that dresses a lot like yours truly. Chasing geese. Playing baseball with a red guitar. A mysterious, gorgeous lady on a rowboat. Mike Donovan playing guitar for the lady. The lady playing guitar for Mike Donovan. Mike Donovan swinging from a […]
Douglas Martin thinks San Franciscans have a right to be smug. On the hilly streets of San Francisco, where album release schedules are presumably measured in dog years, local garage heroes Sic Alps were gone for what seemed like an eternity. In the year-and-a-half(!) since they released their “L Mansion“ single on Slumberland, hometown contemporaries […]
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