Brad Beatson has Michigan State to win it all.  If you like thoughtfully structured songs that dive into neck-snapping guitar solos, you should listen to this album. It’s St. Vincent’s St. Vincent, her fourth studio project and strongest to date. It’s my favorite album of early 2014 and it will certainly appear on many year-end lists. Above […]
Jonah Bromwich taught Marley Marl how to use the horn stab on Lords of the Underground’s debut. David Byrne and Annie Clark of St. Vincent can sometimes come across a little cold. Their music is high fidelity. It’s pointed and perfect. You imagine them leaning over their songs with scalpels, carving out all the excess […]
Jonah Bromwich is not boring to listen to. Critical darlings are only occasionally boring to listen to; however they are frequently boring to review. I’ll say it again: boring to review. St. Vincent’s new album Strange Mercy is never boring to listen to. In fact, it’s one of the most exciting albums that’s come out […]
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