Douglas Martin looks at Cindy Lee, the new project from former Women member Patrick Flegel.
Douglas Martin also enjoys a corrida. Depending on your vantage point, it’s either inspiring or depressing for a band to essentially quit when they’re either in their prime or rapidly approaching it. But on the heels of Public Strain— my favorite album of 2010 by a Snake River Canyon margin– the duo of brothers that […]
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Douglas Martin is delighted that putting the word “band“ in parenthesis makes Women far easier to search on Google. As I alluded to in my review of “Eyesore”, the near-perfect closing track of the band’s sophomore record Public Strain, Women are a band that thrives on inscrutability. In an age where everyone from garage-punk shit […]
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Douglas Martin once put his little brother in the Sharpshooter leglock and held him there until he vomited. As challenging and forward-thinking as they are, the four men that make up the band Women mostly set themselves up to be undervalued. Obviously starting with their name, Women quickly became the scourge of every search engine […]
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