Ask Slava P about hockey right now and you will get cross-checked. One day, in the not too distant future, we’ll look back on the A$AP Mob with fond memory. As your read this, there are no doubt children in high-school who are digesting every song in A$AP Rocky’s catalog, pouring over each lyric and […]
Will Hagle is extremely pro-Saffron Busta got Arab Money. The A$AP Mob sips Persian wine. One of A$AP Ferg’s solo tracks from last year’s Lords Never Worry mixtape, Ferg takes a note from Pusha T’s new playbook. He believes there’s a Lord above him, he’s just the Lord of everything else. Or at least he’s […]
Out of the A$AP Mob, Ferg was the only obvious lottery pick. His verse on “Kissin’ Pink” was probably the most memorable on LiveLoveA$AP, combining the flow of Freestyle Fellowship’s P.E.A.C.E. with body surfing lessons given by the lionized and lost Max B. On “40 Below,” he “borrows” the flow of B.I.G. and channels unremembered […]
Lords Never Worry finally drops, boasting the least Jewish name for a rap record since Nigga Please. I am of the Semitic mindset that worrying is often a supremely effective artistic technique. It forces you to quit or improve. But rap and writing are wholly different entities. Drake is the most neurotic rapper of all-time […]
A$AP Ferg, Lord of the Work August 20, 2012
A$AP Ferg putting in work in a bathrobe in the latest video promoting the A$AP Mob album. As someone who hasn’t had a day job in more than half a decade, I commend his labor habits. Right now, I am dressed like I could be in a Chief Keef video, though I look more likely […]