Brian Josephs thought Summer Jam and SummerSlam were interchangeable in ’01. At first glace, Chromeo didn’t strike me as the type of group that I’d like and the kind few would take serious — the ones you like only in an ironic sense. Sarcastic everyman lyrics sung in near-falsetto are part of the duo’s style, […]
Brian Josephs thinks OutKast and Dave Chappelle performing in New York City and Remy Ma being released this summer is too good to be true. Merriam-Webster defines soul music as a “popular style of music expressing deep emotion that was created by African-Americans.” It’s a clear explanation, but it’s also a pretty malleable one. The […]
Brian Josephs got his life validated by shaking hands with Rick Ross. Twice. Raz Simone’s Cognitive Dissonance: Part One is a good, but moody listen, and everyone acts accordingly during the listening session in New York City’s Terminus Penthouse Studio. There are empty plastic cups from the free mini bar in the back. Reporters and […]
Brian Josephs will save his rioting for when Coke Boys 4 gets snubbed next year. You’re not about anything if you’re not saying something in hip-hop. It’s one of the only genres — with its beginnings as the “CNN of the ghetto,” the voice of the voiceless, and such — where artists have a perceived […]