1. Wow, this is really boring.

2. Is this boring like According to Jim boring or boring like Mind of Mencia boring?

3. Is there a difference between the two?

4. How can a bands album be that good, but their live show so incredibly fucking dull?

5. I believe that’s what the Doctors call “The Shins.”

6. Could their lack of flair be the result of their Scottish heritage?

7. No. Franz Ferdinand are Scottish. And Belle & Sebastian. And Groundskeeper Willie.

8. I wish I was watching The Simpsons right now.

9. Maybe I’ll just leave.

10. But I paid a lot of money for this ticket.

11. Damn this Jewish sense of economics.

12. But it’s a sunk cost.

13. Shut up! Economics 101.

14. I wonder what Mexican restaurants are still open right now?

(Interlude, where in the lobby of the El Rey theater, I dial 1-800 Free 411 to figure out which Mexican restaurants are still open).

15. Score. El Compadre is open until 1:00.

Flaming Margaritas? Don’t Tell Tim Hardaway.

16. I really like carnitas. And guacamole. This is going to be fantastic.

17. Wait…Camera Obscura are still on? Really?

18. Is lead singer, TraceyAnne Campbelle’s dress technically a Frau?

19. I believe frock is the word I’m looking for.

20. When are they gonna’ play “Lloyd, I’m Ready to be Heartbroken?”

21. Okay, they’re playing it now.

22. This song is definitely about Lloyd Christmas.

23. Why does no one in this band move on stage? Ever? How bout a nice Scottish jig? Something!! Move!!!

24. I think their bassist might actually be dead. Could I be watching the indie-rock equivalent of Weekend at Bernie’s. After all, this is the last night of their tour.

25. I think I’m going to go out in the lobby again. I feel like stretching.

26. Is stretching better when you’re high?

27. Do yogi’s smoke weed? If so, they’d probably really appreciate it.

28. Wait a second…the band sounds pretty good from out here. Maybe I should go inside and see if they’re doing something awesome.

29. Nope. Still boring. Time to go.

(Walking out the doors)

30. Whatever…I still like the album.

MP3: Camera Obscura-“Let’s Get Out of the Country”
MP3: Camera Obscura-“Lloyd, I’m Ready to Be Heartbroken”

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