March 9, 2007

Good book and all, but honestly why was anyone surprised when it come out. It might’ve been the least shocking thing I’ve ever read. Newsflash: Bobby Knight’s an asshole. Moving on.

First and foremost, Crooklyn’s Classics is holding it down this week, posting on a greatest hits of mid-90s hip-hop soundtracks. Included, among others are: Rhyme or Reason, Who’s The Man, High School High, House Party, CB4…the list goes on.

Speaking of classic soundtracks, Floodwatch takes on another great one: Juice.

Floating Away puts up a stellar mixtape with tracks from Destroyer, Jeff Tweedy, The Parson Red Heads, Apostle of Hustle and others.

I don’t know why I didn’t know about Feed Me Good Tunes until this week, but it’s a damn fine blog. Posts on Cannibal Ox and Zappa back-to-back? I can’t complain.

Scott Sterling, former editor of URB, LA Weekly contributor and all-around stellar writer has an interview with El-P up at his Read Mezzanine Blog

Billy Sunday asks: is hip-hop making you stupider? I’m not sure how to answer the question, but I am sure after reading his article that if you listen to only Jibbs, the answer is definitely yes.

Marathon Packs sees Spoon.
Marathon Packs sees Girl Talk. As always, they are extremely well-written and interesting reads.

Crock Tock issues a plea that Britney Spears die at 28, so we will be spared the inevitable and ridiculous comparisons that would ensure: comparing her to Kurt Cobain, Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Brian Jones, et. al.

And if you’re around and bored in the afternoon, I will again be working at Sea Level Records. I may even live-blog it if their computers don’t break down.

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