Ah, the days when Xzibit was a great rapper, rather than a great pro ride Pimper. Nine years back when he dropped the above album and the song “Los Angeles Times.” A song being played on repeat, as I got a story in the LA Times this morning (one that didn’t involve the words “blogger indicted on securities fraud”). Specifically, a mini-feature on El-P in the print edition of Kevin Bronson’s Weekly Buzz Bands Column. You can check it out here.

Having grown up in Los Angeles reading the Times daily, to get published in the hometown paper is pretty rad. Almost as rad as this Rad. As Duke, once put it: in most major cities you read the alternative weekly for good local music coverage. In LA, its the other way around, mainly due to Bronson’s Buzz Bands Column (now with blog).

MP3: Xzibit-“Los Angeles Times”

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