This week is Rock Honors Week here in Los Angeles, with a bevy (yes, a bevy) of events scheduled, including most interestingly, Rock N’ Roll bingo with Wayne Kramer of the MC5. No word on whether or not he will be kicking out any jams, senior citizen style. The hullabaloo is essentially one big lead-up to the Rock Honors TV Special which airs on VH1 this Thursday at 9 pm. and promises to be vaguely interesting. This year VH1 is honoring Genesis, Heart, Ozzy Osbourne and ZZ Top. Not bad.

In honor of the event, I’m giving away a Rock N’ Roll Honors prize-pack that includes a set of Rock Honors Shot Glasses, a Rock Honors T-Shirt, and some guitar picks. I assume that some of you guys out there like alcohol, clothes and guitars. So if you do and you’re interested in winning the contest. the first person to post the name of the song that ZZ Top played in Back to the Future III, wins. And please leave your e-mail address so I can contact you. That is all. Good day.

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