Considering Zilla, is a regular contributor to this site, I’m obviously not the most objective person to evaluate his music. But the truth is, if I didn’t think his music was great, I never would’ve asked him to blog for me in the first place.

Since I first wrote about them roughly a year ago, Clean Guns have systematically appeared on just about every single hip-hop blog in this weird and narrow corner of the Internet. The reason behind this is very simple: Clean Guns have the rare ability to navigate the tightrope between traditionalist boom-bap and electro and indie-rock referencing progressivism. They’re intelligent enough for the underground kids, tough off enough for the coke-rap set to bob their head to.

Coming on the heels of their impressive debut, Sometimes There is Trouble, and this year’s Living in Harmony Mixtape: , the World Domination EP is arguably Clean Guns’ finest work yet. With brilliant beats supplied by Los Angeles producer, World Domination Headquarters, Zilla and his partner Knowledge Don step up their game, displaying a marked improvement on the mic, a testament to their prodigious work ethic. I could say more but the record is available as a free download. If you like smart hip-hop that you can play very loud in your car, chances are this will be one of your favorite records this year. Now, all Clean Guns need to do now is invent a you tube dance craze, then maybe world domination will be within their reach.

Download: Clean Guns-“World Domination EP” (left-click)

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