Hipsters do the darndest things. First, it was the Hamburgler stripes and the Madonnoteven close “leggings and then it was the fedoras and the American apparel “lame headbands.” Incidentally, they’re actually called “lame headbands,” you aren’t being ironic, you’re just being retarded. But I digress, you see a new trend has arisen out of thin air, one that threatens to pull the hipster nation out of their collective sartorial sorrows. Indeed, as of last weekend, the Silverlake/Echo Park/Somebody Get Me Out of Here nexus seems to have adopted a new look: Hipster Willie Stargell.

It all started last Friday. I was minding my business at the Sunset Rubdown show, impressed by the incredible diversity of the crowd (Otis, Art Center and FIDM graduates!), when suddenly, a rail-thin hirsute hipster wearing a 1979 “We Are Family” Pittsburgh Pirates hat came into my eye sight. The next night at the Black Lips show, I saw two more wearing identical haberdashery, bringing the total of hipsters rocking 1979 Pirates hats in one weekend to three (And yes, I just wanted to use the word haberdashery in a sentence).

I for one I see this as good news, a ray of light pressing through that great fedora-colored cloud layer. After all, who can really argue with a cool throwback fitted? Not I. But be forewarned, to borrow from Colbert, you guys are on notice. The next time I see a hipster in a Pillbox Pirates hat he better be prepared to answer arcane trivia about not just Stargell, but about Dave Parker, Bill Madlock, John “Candy Man” Candaleria,” and even Sister Sledge. So brush up on your baseball encyclopedia hipsters. I’m taking no prisoners. And for the record, even though I’m feeling the look, you guys are way more Kent Tekulve than you are Willie Stargell.

Kent Tekulve: A Huge Fiery Furnaces Fan


MP3: Sister Sledge-“We Are Family”

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