November 11, 2007


At the moment, I’m captioning a photo essay on R Kelly for Metromix. No really. I’m also listening to Double Up in its entirety for the first time ever (though I have previously re-played the videos for “Real Talk” and the “I’m a Flirt Remix” roughly 423 times). But for some reason, right now, I’ve become convinced that “I’m a Flirt” might be the single of the year. All this despite the fact that T.I. is the blandest rapper in rap history abd T-Pain seems less like a pimp than he does horny space alien. The epiphany has left me deeply concerned with what this says about my taste but more troubled by what the song’s existence means for humanity.

MP3: R Kelly (ft. T.I. and T-Pain)-“I’m a Flirt Remix”

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