June 30, 2008


Blame it on an ever-lasting romance with the concept of the hover board,* but since childhood, I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of being out of one’s time. Hoverboards or horse shoes were fine by me, just not the present. Hell, during one one parched spell between the fall of 2003 and the spring of 2006, I decided to half-pretend that it was the year 1966. Though this may have had to do with Mike Jones, Paris Hilton and Dubya at the zenith of his “I’ve Earned Political Capital” unctuousness. Sure, I may have gotten strange glances from people who’d never seen paisley on a man, but damn it, it was worth it.**

Below-the-radar of many, Daptone Records has spent the better part of this decade releasing distinctly anachronistic and summarily excellent records. While Sharon Jones and The Budos Band are the popular faces of the Brooklyn-based funk and soul label, this recent collection of their 7″ singles proves its Isaac Hayes-sized stash of talent, with cuts from The Mighty Imperials, Lee Fields and Charles Bradley able to hold their own with nearly anything from this time or any other. I’m sure critics could find a way to nit-pick on some “lacks-innovation” bogus babble, but they’re wrong. This is pretty much perfect music. Pure classic funk and sad soul that sounds excavated from a lost crate last seen in 1972.

When I finally get around to making my Top 10, this will be on it. Directly below the records from Pissed Jeans and Fuck Buttons. Apparently being “with the times” requires you to give your band, the world’s dumbest nickname. Holy Fuck!

*And really what exactly about the prospect of a hover board should one not be enthused about? I mean, it’s a flying skateboard, one that allows you to escape from villainous pursuers named Griff who may or may not be calling you a “bojo.”

**For those wondering what I looked like during that tie-died period, here are some photos.

MP3: Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings-“Just Dropped In To See What Condition My Condition Was In”
MP3: Lee Fields & The Sugerman 3-“Stand Up Part II”

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