July 25, 2008


This is why they call him the Genius. (No Leaping Lanny Poffo). On “Alphabets,” the first single off Pro Tools, Gary Grice goes in hard off the haunted soul loop from True Master, who imitates early Rza probably better than Rza can at this point. Consider me cautiously optimistic for the record, considering in my opinion, GZA’s never really come weak (long pause).

Granted, Beneath the Surface was merely okay, but Legend of the Liquid Sword and the Grandmasters joint with Muggs are sorely undervalued gems within the Wu discography. And if you don’t believe me and because it’s Friday and I’m feeling good, I’ll throw in “Silent,” from Legend, featuring Starks and Street Life, who presumably was allowed 16 bars for rolling the blunt.

MP3: Genius/Gza-“Alphabets”
MP3: Genius/Gza ft. Ghostface Killah & Street Life-“Silent”

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