While New York has gotten rocked by thunderstorms all day long, our weather in Los Angeles is picture-perfect. 80 degrees, spectacular sunshine, fulfilling every cliche you could ever conjure about the SoCal summer. Unfortunately, while my friends are headed to the beach, I’m on deadline furiously attempting to finish a Rock the Bells preview for the Weekly.

Naturally, consolations are scarce, but Prafit’s “Nice Weather” has been one of the finest I’ve found this afternoon. It’s produced by my good friend and sometime PoTW contributer, Barry “Disco Vietnam” Schwartz, so take the praise with a dose of skepticism. But nepotism aside, this track is ideal listening for these sun-soaked , late July, bread basket summer days. Highly recommended with the three B’s: blunts, BBQ and beer.

MP3: Prafit (prod. by Disco Vietnam)-“Nice Weather”

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