October 7, 2008

I was supposed to type up my interview with Bishop Lamont but instead decided to watch the last half of the Red Sox-Angels Game. As Goodie Mobb once eloquently put it: “Decisions, Decisions.” After watching the Angels blow the game, I have decided to salve my wounds by watching old Woody Allen clips from You Tube. I trust you’ll understand.

The above clip, where Woody interviews Billy Graham, comes from a short-lived variety show from the late 60s. Part two, Woody on The Dean Martin show and a short film of him being interviewed by Jean-Luc Godard are below. In the meantime, Go Lakers.

Part 2

Woody Allen on the Dean Martin Show

Meeting with Woody Allen  (Non French-Speakers Might Want to Fast-Foward to the Two and a Half Minute Mark on Part I)

Part I

Part II

Part III

MP3: Bob Dylan-“Song For Woody”
MP3: Bob Dylan-“Last Thoughts on Woody (Guthrie)”

MP3: Goodie Mobb-“Decisions, Decisions”

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