February 6, 2009


Have you noticed your blog posts vanishing without any prior warning? Have you wondered about the dubious legality of the MP3’s you dole out for free on your blog? Have eggs been frying on your kitchen counter whilst strange voices roared “Zuul” from the refrigerator? If so, you might want to peruse my piece in LA Weekly. It involves a little investigatory journalism, interviews with Google execs, the RIAA, the Web Sheriff, half the blogosphere, and bad MGMT and Metallica jokes galore.

If you’re still looking for worthy reasons to incinerate time this Friday, might I also recommend Jessica Hopper’s excellent exegesis of The Smell,  and its rise from ashy to classy. I like that.

LA Weekly:  Google’s New Killer App? Why Are Music Bloggers’ Posts Disappearing, and Who Is Deleting Them?

MP3: Black Milk-“So Gone”
MP3: Blind Lemon Jefferson-“Gone Dead On You Blues”

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