June 12, 2009


Few artists deserve the cover of LA Weekly as much as Busdriver, a Project Blowed vet, Low End Theory staple, and one of the most visionary local artists of the last 10 years. Granted, his music is more fun to debate than to dance to, but despite the obliqueness, he remains one of the most trenchant writers around. Succesfully stuffing 42 words into every bar isn’t as easy as it looks, (no Barman), nor is sustaining innovation in a underground landscape that often champions comfort food over creativity.

There are B-sides that I will hopefully have time to edit and re-arrange this weekend. In the meantime, the article is up online, and available all over the city. Jhelli Beam is in stores now too. It’s not as good as actual jelly beans, but what is?

LA Weekly: Busdriver–Crushed Groove

MP3: Busdriver ft. Nocando-“Least Favorite Rapper”
MP3: Busdriver-“Sun Shower”

MP3: Busdriver-“Cool Band Buzz”

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