August 17, 2009

I don’t usually take time out of my day to repost unofficial Wu-Tang remix-tapes but Cuban Revolution deserves a little more shine than the 24-hour Mp3 blog cycle can afford. Intricately blending post-Cuban Linx vocals to surprisingly banging production reminiscent of Muggs’ work on Grandmasters, the little known Memory Man has compiled a compulsively listenable retrospective of Rae’s wilderness years. You’ll recognize some of the stuff used but unless you’re the type to pontificate on obscure U-God and Cappa verses, there’s also some nice surprises culled from The Wu’s mid period where the lyricism was on point but the production occasionally faltered. The real kicker though? Dude went and found some classic audio for the skits to make it sound like an official release. Now THAT’s dedication. I’ll go to my grave yelling that Immobilarity was underrated but I don’t mind hearing this stuff over classic style production either. Hats off to Memory Man, someone give Gza this guy’s number.

Download: (Via Nahright)
ZIP: Memory Man Presents: Raekwon – Cuban Revolution

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