August 27, 2009


The Next Spot is a recurring series dedicated to the albums that could’ve, would’ve, should’ve made the Decade Top 50. 

None of y’all will admit it, but Madlib went and dropped the Y2K Paul’s Boutique on us. The innumerable samples, the LA stoned immaculate vibe, and the back-and-forth interplay reminiscent of the Beasties’ classic. Of course, back-and-forth rapping is a lot weirder when you’re trading bars with your helium-voiced alter-ego and a Melvin Van Peebles record. Deliriously fun, The Further Adventures of Lord Quas might be Madlib’s most uncompromised and best produced, a litmus test to see people’s tolerance for that lo-fi experimental rap shit.

Trading The Unseen‘s jazzy vibes for Technicolor psychedelia, the album is a sample spotter’s wet dream, and a sample clearer’s nightmare with each track featuring multiple beats and extended outros. On the rapping side, Quas talks weed, hoes and scandalous homies with Madlib playing the back, warning you of things to come. Plenty of rappers today try to balance out being cool, being creative and being accessible and fail miserably. Madlib? He just does what he wants and doesn’t care how strange it sounds. Throw this on, light a bowl and enjoy the ride.–Sach O

MP3: Quasimoto ft. Madvillain-“Closer”
MP3: Quasimoto ft. Med-“The Exclusive”

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