A gorgeous respite from the forgettable SO WEIRD IT MUST BE BRILLIANT slop that passes for most contemporary videos. Sorry buzz bands, I do not want to see your limp satire of “Twilight,” or you riding a llama and drinking soy milk, or you drinking horchata. Granted, it is a delicious cinnamon-tinted beverage, but still. Directed and animated by Sara Taigher with illustrations by Maria Chiara Di Giorgio, this medley of songs from Rupture and Matt Shadetek’s just-released Solar Life Raft project,blends nicely with the futuristic utopian Waterworld envisioned. Presumably, they conceived a better source for drinking water.

Since Rupture and Co. understand the Internet, they have made a troika of songs available for free download, full of heavy stoned dub fit to knock things off walls. It is a kind gesture. I am told that in exchange for the free music, they request that you purchase their album or at least offer them some smokable kelp when they come through your town.

MP3: Matt Shadetek-“Strength in Numbers”
MP3: DJ/rupture + Matt Shadetek-“Track 20”

MP3: Gang Gang Dance-“Bebey” (DJ/rupture + Matt Shadetek Remix)

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