November 19, 2009


My post about Robot Koch’s excellent Death Star Droid  a few weeks ago drew deafening silence, save for Doc Zeus agreeing with me about how pitiful it was for Koch to switch their name to E1. Fair enough. Now the estimable Berlin-born android is passing out another pair of tracks, in addition to the pair of still available mixes. “Away From” isn’t really dubstep, lacking the heavy wobble and low BPMs. It’s probably closer to the generically named “Bass” or “Wonky,” which I suspect are labels that have wisely been crafted to avoid calling it “instrumental hip-hop.” Ah, the power of re-branding. And if that’s another way to get people to listen to the clipped vocal samples, dusty drums, and nocturnal narcotic tone, then so be it. For his second trick, he enlists 19-year old LA native, Shlohmo to slow down the pace of DSD track, “Gorom Sen” to create something entirely new: haunting, otherworldly, and filled with unintelligible gibberish. Sort of like a David Lynch film, except with less nudity, red lampshades, and non-sequiturs.

MP3: Robot Koch-“Away From”
MP3: Robot Koch-“Gorom Sen”