For posterity, a few links to stuff written elsewhere that you may or may not be interested in perusing. If not, may you be subjected to a fate worse than Jeff Zucker. First, humor me as I again shill for The Stylus Decade. The lists and essays are done and the site is destined to molder in the digital dust bin until some dim-witted nostalgist spends a fortune to reanimate something that was only marginally successful in its prime. If Ruport Murdoch did it for Family Guy, all hope is not lost. Besides, as far as eccentric humor and jangled misanthropy goes, you will not find anything better than Stewart Voeglin’s “10 Years of Stylus Magazine: Success Will Write Apocalypse Across the Sky,” the best Decade recap I read all year. If you ever wondered what I thought about Supreme Clientele and the Marshall Mathers LP, you can find out here and there. I enjoy them.

For the LAT, I enumerated “10 Reasons to Be Cautiously Optimistic about Hip-Hop in 2010.”  The major label system is somehow decadent and decrepit and many of the gifted producers of this generation have drifted down the dolo blunted beat road. I know. But there is more good rap music being made today than at any point since there was good rap music being made. I’m sure I left things out. The planets will continue their rotation. Lastly, The LA Weekly ran a Best LA Albums of the Decade feature. I handled Donuts and Quasimoto’s The Unseen. If you don’t think Donuts is an LA album as one sage commenter opined, you overlook the facts of its Cedars-Sinai inception, the LA label that put it out, and the seismic impact it wrought on the Low End crew. It is also, of course, a Detroit album. If you still do not agree, then your bell went wrong wrong wrong.

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