January 26, 2010


Sach O only posts music that he likes so don’t flood him with wack demos, only high quality shit.

Sometimes, good music finds you. Last week I received a chance PM from a local Montreal producer asking if I’d consider his tunes blog worthy. There’s a lot of musicians in this city and I’ve turned down quite a few “opportunities” to post people’s stuff but these beats were a cut above your average Myspace producer’s and the wonky/bass aesthetic jibes nicely with what we’re doing here at the Passion so I’m pleased to present the Wonky beats of Matthew Hiscock.

The most immediately striking thing about Waves and Shake Yer’ Whatever is the attention and care put into the mixing. The highs are crisp and the sub-bass rumbles with an intensity sadly absent from most of the free tunes flooding the internet. Clocking in around 110BPM with a heavy boom-bap thump and squelchy bass lines, the tracks hit hard in the headphones but really come to life when blaring out a sub: the mark of a good mix and a serious producer. The high end is equally interesting with both tracks merging the aforementioned bump to layers of melodic synths and processed samples that build and collapse as proper songs should. I’ve heard a few too many beats recently that just ride a loop past its breaking point before calling it a day so it’s nice to see proper composition for a change. The contrast between the Hip-Hop drums and more electronic oriented melodies is equally interesting, delivering the power of the former and the sophistication of the later which is immensely more appealing to me divorced from your standard 4-4 pulse. What can I say, I’ll be a Hip-Hop head till I die. All in all, good tunes that’ll appeal to left-of-center rap heads and techno-show thugs without alienating one or the other. Incidentally, if anyone knows where I can find the elusive techno-show thug, tell him to holler.

MP3: Matthew Hiscock – Waves
MP3: Matthew Hiscock – Shake Yer’ Whatever

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