February 5, 2010


Nick Rallo’s slang is editorial at Whale Fight. 

What is this? It’s a hand sewn burlap sack jacket, with a maddeningly bright blue record inside. On the record is the blues punk of Slang Chickens, featuring the members of Wires on Fire. If the recent Avett Brothers I And Love And You record left you a little too soft and cuddly inside, than this Slang Chickens debut album will right you. “Tropics” opens like something from Grizzly Bear’s Yellow House, but kamikazes into serious punk piss & vinegar. Also, you can stream five songs from the album, here, which you should do because “Blues (Dripping Down My Leg)” is perfectly weird and sex crazy in that Zeppelin sort of way:

“I got blues dripping down my leg / I should got to the doctor but I really want to stay in bed”

And there’s a song called “Let’s Microwave.” Few things are better than that title. Oh, they’ve got lapsteel and banjos melted into a big pot that they pour over your frontal lobe. There’s no ballads or sad woodwinds or slow, weepy violin. They’re more for wave crushing, banjo sucking, and tattooing in rebellion of conservative family members. Their debut LP is out now on Pyschedelic Juadism.

MP3: Slang Chickens – “Tropics”

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